Here is the list of Senate candidates that Umbrella is looking at supporting.

Amy McGrath is a Marine fighter pilot, who has been given her ultimate mission: to defeat the the grim reaper himself, Mitch McConnell. She has a great shot in 2020, as Mitch is one of the most unpopular GOP impressive accomplishment.

Jaime Harrison was the first African American chair of the South Carolina Democratic Party. He is running in South Carolina against one of the worst hypocrites the GOP Senators have to offer: Lindsey Graham. 

Sara Gideon is the Democratic Speaker of the House in Maine and well placed to defeat Susan Collins, the "moderate" GOP Senator who is anything but.

Mark Kelly is super cool. He flew combat missions during the Gulf War, and in 1996 was selected to become a NASA Space Shuttle pilot. He is the husband of gun reform advocate and former Congresswoman, Gaby Giffords. Mark Kelly is one of the favorites to flip a Republican Senate seat, in Arizona.

Cal Cunningham is an Army veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, business leader, and former legislator who served as Vice Chairman of the Governor’s Crime Commission. He is running to replace Thom Tilils in North Carolina in a race that is a virtual tie in recent polls.



Here is the list of House candidates that Umbrella is looking at supporting.

Representing California's 45th, Katie Porter is one of the coolest House members, elected as part of the 2018 Blue Wave. When she is not taking Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to task, she is a single Mom of three kids, working tirelessly to make sure that every American is taken care of. During the latest in a long line of incredible hearings, she single handedly secured free coronavirus testing for all Americans, from the CDC. 

When Katie Hill resigned her seat in California's Congressional District 25, Christy Smith selflessly stepped up to replace her, knowing how important keeping the hard won seat was to the grass roots community. While she lost a May special election to serve out the rest of the Congressional term, she is in a good position to win in November when Democratic turnout will be significantly higher.


Another candidate who came into office in 2018, Harley Rouda supports economic, healthcare, education and common sense gun reform, getting money out of politics and investment in green energy. The 48th California Congressional District is home to an active grass roots community who are determined to keep Harley in his seat.